HOA Committees

Shady Oaks Homeowners Association Committees

Assisting the Board of Directors with the governance of the Shady Oaks Homeowners Association are various committees with specific objectives.   The representatives of the committees include Board member(s) who act as a liaison to the Board, and volunteer Residents. 

Below is a list of the active committees within our subdivision and their membership.

Please note, these committees are always looking for new participants.  If you are interested in participating in one or more of these committees please contact a representative of that committee.



The purpose is to maintain property values by protecting the environmental and architectural integrity of the subdivision in accordance with the provision of the Declarations. Most covenants state that no building, structure or improvement of any character shall be erected, placed, added to or altered on any lot until the building plans, specifications and a site plan showing the location of the proposed structure or structures have been submitted to and approved by Architectural Control Committee for the Association as being in compliance with the restrictions pertinent to your specific Section, as to use, quality of workmanship and materials, nature of materials, harmony of external design and colors with existing and proposed structures, and location of improvements with respect to topography, finished grade elevation, lot boundary lines and building lines, and within the scheme and design of the original Declarant.

Kristy Bailey - Co-Chair

Brian Duran - Co-Chair

Troy Dehart - Co-Chair 



The Traffic & Safety (T&S) committee’s primary focus is to work on the connections of our neighborhood streets to the Madison Development, which is located to the north & west of our subdivision. Our purpose is to research, discuss, and/or meet with local government and other interested parties to find all possible solutions before development begins on the Madison project.

The Traffic Counter subcommittee is people involved with the collection of traffic counts. The traffic counters are located on Oak Branch Drive and the Crossover. 


Michael Spano - Board Liaison
Alyson DeMaio - Resident, Co-Chair




The Welcome Committee welcomes new residents to the community.  They also spearhead the Annual BBQ, Oakstober Fest, HOA Public Meetings, the distribution of Flags for Memorial Day and 4th of July holidays, and other community activities as needed


Kate Eberhardt - Board Liaison

Brenda Bays - Resident

Carlene Boyd - Resident
Barbara Ebner - Resident
Carol Crowe – Resident
Carolyn Thompson – Resident
Karolyn Graf – Resident
Kathy Grazinskas – Resident
Lyle Raper – Resident
Darla Restivo - Resident

Renee Crabtree – Resident
Sharon Lehman – Resident
Suzy Strittmatter – Resident
Terri Beardmore – Resident

Marion Lamantia - Resident







The Landscape Committee's primary purpose is the beautification and maintenance of the "front entrance" of the subdivision.



Tom Bledsoe - Board Liaison