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Did You Know.........
Fall is in the air and with the cooler temperatures comes neighborhood walkers.  And why wouldn't they.  We live in a park-like setting where nature abounds.  However, we all realize we have no sidewalks nor street lights.  One of our residents offered the following safety suggestions -  and we couldn't agree more so here they are:
  • If you are walking on a roadway, you should always walk facing oncoming traffic.  
    • This is a matter of safety if not law.  
    • If you are walking with your back to on coming traffic and your hearing is less than that of an 18 year old you may have a tendency to walk right into a car about to pass you. 
  • A lot of walkers are using headphones or other earpieces that limit other noise.  If they are facing traffic it at least lowers the chance of getting hit.
  • And taking your walk at key traffic times should be avoided. 
Be safe - and enjoy your walk.
Membership Profiles:
You can self administer your profile content, change passwords, add family members, and include photos.  Go to Your Profile to get started.
Architectural Changes:
If you plan on:
  • altering the outside appearance of your residence such as changing paint color, a new roof, window additions, etc;
  • constructing any type of building such as a shed, garage, green house or adding to your exisitng residence;
  • adding to and or altering your patio; or
  • landscaping with mortar and masonry;
you will need the approval of the Architectural Control Committee before you proceed.  Please review the CC&Rs for your Section before you proceed or contact ACC members: Diane Rogoff, Elliot Wisendanger, or Rose Chunik.  Further information and forms can be found in the ACC Process & Forms page on this website.
Our beautiful neighborhood is experiencing an ongoing problem of reckless driving.  This is no small matter as there have been some near misses of cars vs. cars and cars vs. pedestrians.  Please slow down!  In the spirit of neighborliness and safety, watch for other drivers and pedestrians. Pay careful attention as you leave your driveways.
Speed limits are posted on the community streets as either 25 mph or 30 mph.  Our own residents have been observed going in excess of 50 mph on Oak Branch Drive and exceeding limits on the side streets as well.  These offenders are not contractors or visitors. 
The consequences of an accident are, at best, costly and time consuming for repairs; at worst, a life could be lost.  Slow down and drive like you live here
Lost & Found:
Advise neighbors about lost and found pets and personal belongings through the site's Lost and Found section.
Please do not Feed the Deer:
While feeding deer may enhance wildlife viewing, decades of research has clearly shown that supplemental feeding leads to increased disease risk, long-term habitat destruction, increased vehicle collisions, habituation to humans and alteration of other deer behavioral patterns and, ultimately, the demise of the value of deer and deer-related recreation. With CWD approaching our borders, the increased potential for disease transmission and outbreak is perhaps our greatest and most immediate concern, but habitat degradation, resulting in loss of wildlife diversity and abundance, and the introduction and invasion of exotic plants are consequences of feed that have been documented throughout North America and are a concern.