• How much are the HOA dues?
    Dues are $120 per annum for an improved lot; and $30 per annum for an unimproved lot. 
  • When is the HOA fee due?
    Fees are due January 27th of the current year.
  • To whom should I make my HOA fee check payable to?
    Shady Oaks Georgetown Home Owners Association inc.
  • Where should I mail my HOA fees?
    Shady Oaks Estates HOA
    1530 Sun City Blvd., Suite 120
    Box 473
    Georgetown, TX 78633
  • What are the rules and requirements regarding outdoor water usage?
    For irrigation systems and hose-end sprinklers, landscape irrigation will be limited to a schedule based on the last digit of your address number:
    No Irrigation allowed on Mondays
    Odd addresses may irrigate on
    Tuesday, Thursday and/or Saturday
    Even addresses may irrigate on
    Wednesday, Friday, and/or Sunday
    Watering with a handheld hose or bucket can be done any day, as well as other outdoor uses such as washing a vehicle or filling a swimming pool.
  • When is refuse collected?
    If Al Clawson is your provider - refuse is collected every Wednesday and recycled material is collected every other Wednesday.  Place your cans out Tuesday evening - they come early.
    If your provider is the City of Georgetown (and collected by Texas Disposal) - refuse is collected every Thursday and recycled material is collected every other Thursday.
  • If I fly an American flag, are there Do's and Don'ts I should adhere to?
    Yes there are.  Please review etiquette dos and don'ts at: