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Homeowners Association Meeting Information
DATE:   December 18th, '17
TIME:  6:00 PM
AGENDA:  In Development

Did You Know.........
Neighborhood Security:
Your board wanted to make you aware that the sometimes cruel world has found our little slice of heaven know as Shady Oaks.
Within the last 30 days there have been two occurrences (that we know of) that have necessitated calling out law enforcement. 
One occurred on Buena Vista when a resident discovered that a burglary attempt was made on their property.  The perpetrator was brazen enough to actually take a drill to a lock.
In another situation residents on Silverado were questioned by law enforcement regarding a mid 20’s white male that may have been prowling the streets in the middle of the night.  Apparently this individual prowls Sun City as well and may be hopping the fence into our neighborhood.
What can we do?
Be neighborly and vigilant – look out for yourself and your neighbors. Also, let a board member know if you’ve been victimized.  If we hear of enough occurrences we can ask law enforcement to enhance their patrols of our subdivision and/or look into formalizing a neighborhood watch group.
We regret having to send out this type of news, but better to be aware than not.
Insect Problem:
Some of our neighbors believe they have a Twig Girdling Beetle‚Äč problem which can infect your oaks trees.  If you want to learn more about this problem please click here. 
Our beautiful neighborhood is experiencing an ongoing problem of reckless driving.  This is no small matter as there have been some near misses of cars vs. cars and cars vs. pedestrians.  Please slow down!  In the spirit of neighborliness and safety, watch for other drivers and pedestrians. Pay careful attention as you leave your driveways.
Speed limits are posted on the community streets as either 25 mph or 30 mph.  Our own residents have been observed going in excess of 50 mph on Oak Branch Drive and exceeding limits on the side streets as well.  These offenders are not contractors or visitors. 
The consequences of an accident are, at best, costly and time consuming for repairs; at worst, a life could be lost.  Slow down and drive like you live here.
Membership Profiles:
You can self administer your profile content, change passwords, add family members, and include photos.  Go to Your Profile to get started.
Lost & Found:
Advise neighbors about lost and found pets and personal belongings through the site's Lost and Found section.
Architectural Changes:
If you plan on:
  • altering the outside appearance of your residence such as changing paint color, a new roof, window additions, etc;
  • constructing any type of building such as a shed, garage, green house or adding to your exisitng residence;
  • adding to and or altering your patio; or
  • landscaping with mortar and masonry;
you will need the approval of the Architectural Control Committee before you proceed.  Please review the CC&Rs for your Section before you proceed or contact ACC members Kim Doheny or Ron Warley.  Further information and forms can be found in the ACC Process & Forms page on this website.
If you own or manage a business and would like to advertise to Shady Oaks residents you may do so on this website.  Please contact board member Vito Carbone for more information.